Casting The Book of Habbalah, Book 1

The Book of Habbalah, Book 1

Directed by
Prod. dates Aug 1, 2013 - Nov 15, 2013 (approx.)
Location(s) Maine, Massachusetts, Kansas
Union/Rate SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget min. $100/day. Pay negotiated BOE. Travel, lodging, meals covered for non-local talent.


The Book of Habbalah, Book 1 is a horror anthology series in the vein of Creepshow. There is a backstory that connects three independent short films. In the back story: a young researcher gets permission to stay overnight inside a large library, she's excited by the opportunity to work alone and uninterrupted. While looking for a book kept in the endless basement book stacks, she hears a loud bang- another book has fallen off a shelf. This is The Book of Habbalah. Drawn to it, she picks it up and begins to read. Inside is a collection of stories, each more horrifying than the next. Incapable of putting the book down, she is drawn into each of the stories and the words take on a life of their own as she is subjected to the injuries in the stories. As the pages turn, she grows more and more desperate for the stories to stop.
Finally, she is forced to flee the library, but she is compelled to keep the book with her....

Chapter 1 includes:

2 Tents written and directed by John E Seymore
Two young couples find out the hard way that they picked the wrong time of year to go camping.

Classic Rock written by Chris Sorensen and directed by Kendal Sinn
A frustrated composer exacts an ironic and horrifying revenge on a rock group that has tarnished his legacy.

Some Direction written and directed by Alexander Merrill
A sexually frustrated dreamer finds the perfect drug to change his luck with women — but it comes at a cost.

Casting by

John E Seymore

Audition deadline

May 5, 2013 Check time

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United States

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